We’re excited to finally launch our website!

6 replies on “We’re excited to finally launch our website!

  • Conni Peach

    I love P.O.E.T . Favorite flavors are Dolce De Nero Te and the Torte De Arnicia. Every flavor is unique and each bottle is the same high quality. Don’t miss these exceptional Flavors.

  • Karen

    Hey Randy! Hope you have read my reviews?!! Again thanks for my last order, so nice!!! Waiting on new order!! Ordered 5 day ago and still hasn’t shipped:(! Well maybe went out today!!! Your vapes are so awesome ???? and so happy we crossed paths!!! Oh get Mexican Coffee ☕️ in 120ml please!!!! Have a great day!!!!!

  • Karen

    Oh if you see this Conni Peach said she loves Torte de Arnicia & Dolce de Nero. Now that you know what I like which one should I try first? Gonna go read up on them to see if I can figure it out but wanted your advice please!!!!!!!

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