60ml E-liquid for P.O.E.T. New 60ml Gorillas..

There is a change in the works

P.O.E.T. is switching gears and clearing out our 30ml and 120ml E-liquid stock. We will be selling our remaining E-liquid in the 30ml an 120ml at an awesome price, $12.50 on 30ml and $45.00 on 120ml until out of  stock! There will be no back orders. We will now be selling 60ml Gorilla bottles @ $25.00 each ! This will give our 30ml Patron’s to get twice the E-liquid for only $5.00 more and our 120ml Patron’s to save $5.00 a bottle. the new 60ml bottles Will be up and ready to ship on 5/25/17.

We are happy that we can extend the sale price on all P.O.E.T. 30ml and 120ml E-juice . The sale is effective until all stock is depleted in 30 and 120ml sizes. The new 60ml will be up and for sale as soon as they land in the distribution department. More product, better pricing, but still the same E-liquid that you have come to love. Strike now and get yourself truly unique and balanced P.O.E.T. E-Liquids at more mainstream pricing.

The new 60ml Gorilla Line up from P.O.E.T. E-liquids

New 60ml Chubby Gorilla

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