Maple Spiced Tobacco / Americano Ciambella

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Americano Ciambella “American Donut” – This was created to mimic my old drive to work. A strong Maple start with blended creams and pleasing tobacco back on the finishing note. The old drive to work was the Maple bar, Bavarian cream, black coffee and an old analog.

Available in: 30ml,& 120ml

2 reviews for Maple Spiced Tobacco / Americano Ciambella

  1. Tony


    5 out of 5

    This is my undisputed all day vape. This blend of tobacco and maple is truly amazing and unique. Perfectly balanced and smooth, it just proves that you never get tired of the real thing !!

  2. Karen

    (verified owner) :

    5 out of 5

    Well I’m don’t remember but I think I was in your car in the passenger seat with you driving to your job cuz I tasted this vape just as you described it so I had to be there, right???? Anyway this one of my top three! Mexican Coffee is still #1! Heck I’m so confused but so happy I found your store!!!!

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