Hello to our loyal P.O.E.T. Customers.


A transition is in the works!

As some of you may be aware, the current stock of Sweet Black Tea in 6mg, 30ml and 120ml is depleted. We are working on a new production run and expect to start fulfilling backordered product around the 16th of May. This depletion of stock caught us by surprise. We had a large surge in Sweet Black Tea that caught us before our production run.

This brings me to our next item to discuss.

We are in the process of phasing out our 30ml and 120ml stock. Our production runs for all future product will all be in 60ml Gorilla bottles. The new price point will be $25.00. This will allow our 30ml customers to get twice the product for a $5.00 increase. Our 120ml customers will see a $5.00 decrease. By doing this it will allow us to order larger quantity’s of one bottle stock. It also allows us to do larger production runs that do not require as many set ups and minimum order quantities for each size bottle. It also eases our label requirements and streamlines our entire production.

All this equates to a better product, Better pricing per ML, streamlined for you!
This is a big process and we are working diligently to catch up production, fulfill backorders, and update the website to reflect true stock levels.

I want to thank each and everyone of you for your patients and loyalty!

Best always,
Randy Freer
CEO / Owner
P.O.E.T. Ind. Inc.